This course will cover the various application of contemporary oil painting materials to have the vocabulary of oil painting expressions from the very traditional to contemporary experimental paintings. To express an object's’ shape, color and texture in the preferred style, we will employ the knowledge on the role of each material. We will look through various artists painting styles and find the right material and use to accomplish the desired expression.


Oil Painting

This course focuses on designing motion, animatics, and time-based experiences for Communication Design. This includes learning the fundamental skills of how to generate ideas in time, build a dramatic construction, and connect images in a narrative sequence. Though studio inquiry and problem-solving, students will learn the visual, conceptual, technical, and creative strategies required to produce animations, motion graphics, moving typography, promotions, and branding for the screen and for multimedia environments to effectively conduct storytelling. 

Dynamic Imagery

This introductory course will cover the various way of creating an artistic digital image. Students will learn properties of digital images as well as how to create, manipulate and animate them for graphic design visual literacy. Assignments were designed for students to learn digital drawing, design, and communication & marketing.

Introduction to Digital Design

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