5.4 2019


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3.27 2019

MWPAI Gallery

Soojin and Caroline will answer to the Questions on AIR Exhibition

Dean's Research Award 2018

Soojin was chosen to be funded by SMFA Dean’s Research Award.

Art on Paper 2019

VSOP Projects is proud to announce our participation in Art on Paper, New York City’s premier, medium-driven, international art fair at Pier 36 in downtown Manhattan, NYC • Our booth will feature works by Korean draftswoman Soojin Kim • Art on Paper runs March 7th - 10th, with a VIP preview on Thursday, March 7 from 6-10pm • Please visit us in booth 508, and DM for complimentary tickets to the fair 

Sanctuary: Artists in Residence Exhibition

Reception: Friday, March 8, 4 to 6 p.m.
Gallery Talk: 5 p.m.
Free and Open to the Public. Cash Bar available.

On view March 8 through April 4

The PrattMWP Gallery in the Museum of Art is pleased to host a multi-media exhibition by AIRs, Caroline Voagen Nelson (Animation) and Soojin Kim (Drawing/Painting). The AIR program awards international emerging artists support to live, work, and teach on the MWPAI campus for an academic year.

The 2018/19 AIR program is made possible with the generous support of Francis J. and Ruth A. Pugliese.

PrattMWP Gallery Hours:
Tues through Sat 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sun 1 p.m. - 5 p.m.

Degrees of Reality by Area Gallery

Feb.28-May.7 2019

At the Yard

120 St. James St Boston


This is A R E A’s second group show at The Yard. The exhibition, that includes 14 local and international artists, is part of Construction A R E A, a strategy to promote the work of emerging artists through a series of off-site projects.


Participating artists:

Chomz. | Andrew Houle| Mea Duke | Joseph Farbrook | Raquel Fornasaro | Alejandro Gonzalez | Cody Justus | Molly Kaderka | Soojin Kim | Lindsey Kocur | Donis
Llago | Michael MacMahon | Malcolm Preston | Cal Rice | Wendy Shapiro

Art Alive

Feb.27 2019


Caroline Voagen Nelson and I Soojin J. Kim designed this craft structure art activity to have an educational element on the animation production process to children. Children created their own background, title frame, and character movement, so all animations are unique. So proud of them all and thank you so much MWPAI and PrattMWP. Besides, I had so much fun designing paper puppets for children to cut out, connect, and move. Of course, a few of them were started designing their own characters during the event.


Soojin Kim conceived crafts using various Asian and cross-cultural celebrations of the new year. MWPAI facilitate community crafts 3 to 4 times a year and it can serve up to several hundred children who visit the museum. 

MWPAI AIR Open Studios

Thursday, Nov. 29th​ 3-6pm

601 Tracy Street, Utica, NY

Meet Soojin Kim and see her paintings,sculptures, and her animation in progress at their MWP Tracy Street Studio.

SMFA Art Sale

Can’t wait for you to see all the amazing art at this year’s SMFA at Tufts Art Sale including mine! Join us November 15-18 to take home a masterpiece while supporting arts education and artists. Learn more:

Vanity of Life

Nov 2-Dec 15, 2018 


Through this exhibition, I wanted to introduce an interesting perspective on American confectionery and consumerism. I borrowed subject and format from a Dutch still life tradition like Trompe l'Oeil in these works. The paintings depict a cupboard containing a human skull, paper with text, natural sundries, and iconic American sweet, Oreos. Vanitas is the epitome of European still-life in the 16th and 17th centuries, symbolizing symbolic monuments symbolizing flowers, exotic fruits, raw meat, skeletons, feathers, shells, insects and other human achievements to remind human mortality.

Art Alive : Rose' Dinner Party

MWPAI Art Alive

Family Day, Oct. 8
10 a.m. - 2 p.m.


Kids work on arts and crafts during the Alive Event! on Oct. 8 at Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute with AIR Artists Soojin Kim and Caroline Voagen Nelson under the theme of Dinner Party inspired by the first photography instructor, Rose Marasco, in the late 1970s at the Munson-Williams-Proctor Institute School of Art.

Artists in Residence Lecture

4 p.m.
Museum of Art
Sinnott Family Bank of Utica Auditorium

MWPAI Artists in Residence Soojin Kim speaks about their backgrounds and how she create her art.


Paint dazzling realistic depictions of familiar objects and contemporary foodstuffs through a classical lens. Traditional Dutch still life oil techniques and modern applications are taught to hone individual students skills with shape, color, and texture. In-studio presentations focus on OG 17c Dutch painters, the history of food as artistic subject, and the meaning of food in contemporary art and pop culture. A dynamic class for fresh beginners as well as experienced painters. Materials list provided.

the cult of cape ann


01966 Rockport, Massachusetts 
42 Broadway

"Explore the myths, the allure, the beauty and the icons of Cape Ann." — Gail McCarthyGloucester Daily Times and The Eagle-Tribune

An Alternative Still Life

This show is for two young woman artists, a Chinese artist Vena Gu and a Korean artist Soojin Kim. They both base in the US, Soojin Kim in Boston, and Vena in Providence. Even though they came from the different culture, country, but we find they have something in common- they perceive the world with deep thinking and feeling. Their paintings make us wonder -- how do we perceive existence and time; how do we keep things that are unkeepable? Art endows us with a possibility to record and represent these transient and delicate things. The painting, although static, implies the passing of time. The destiny of things, in a sense, reflects the destiny of humanity.

No Location

Building 12, North Adams, MA

(T)HERE-MFA Thesis Exhibition

May 18
7:30-10:00 p.m.

(T)HERE presents the work of 42 graduating Master of fine arts students from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts University.

Medal Award Gala

One of the leading artists of her generation, Lorna Simpson’s groundbreaking interdisciplinary work on gender, identity, social justice, and civic practice resonates deeply with our students, faculty, and broader community and epitomizes the SMFA's educational values and priorities.

Feast for the Eyes

A collaborative course brings art, science, and community to the table:

Placemat art by Soojin Kim: painted leaves of amaranth decorated with a border in the shape of the structural formula for vitamin K. Photo: Courtesy of Soojin Kim

Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute Artists in Residence Program

The AIR program is designed for emerging artists or recent visual arts MFA graduates. Residency artists are an energizing and crucial component of the creative life on our campus. The artists interact with the local creative community while developing a self- directed studio practice. This includes giving lectures to PrattMWP students and teaching a community arts education class while being involved in select MWPAI public programs.

Graduate Research Award

Tuft Art & Science department awarded Soojin Kim the Graduate Research Award for Sugar Time.


Artist in Residency

SMFA Art Sale

The SMFA at Tufts Art Sale features thousands of works from emerging and established artists. The Art Sale is your opportunity to discover the exceptional caliber of work produced by talented SMFA students, alumni, faculty, and affiliated artists, and to take home a masterpiece of your very own. Each visit you make to the sale over the course of the week will be different because the selection is frequently rotated and refreshed as pieces are sold.

The Improper Bostonian

Medal Award Gala Auction (Honoring James Turrell)

The School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts University is celebrating esteemed artist James Turrell by presenting him with the 2017 SMFA Medal Award at a gala event to be held at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston's Shapiro Family Courtyard on May 22. In addition to honoring Turrell, the gala will include a seated dinner and a popular silent auction of student works.

New Works by Soojin Kim


April 1 - May 15, 2017

Gallery BOM

460 Harrison Ave. B7, Boston, MA 02118


Artificial Universe

Mission Hill Gallery, SMFA@TUFTS University, MA. 
Opening Reception : Mar.1,2017 5:30 pm​

Artificial. Synthetic. Fake. Fraud. To be artificial might carry the ideas of being untrusted; something that lacks the natural qualities we as humans hold onto. An artificial universe contains infinite implications as expansive as the thought of a universe itself. Next week four women artists examine their synthetic, fake, and fraudulent world, whether crafted by their own making or projected onto them.

Montague Travel Grant

Soojin received travel grant for studying of Roman Catacombs and Arts from SMFA at Tufts University and is traveling Rome.


The 8th Artists in Residence of Yeongcheon Art Studio Relay Exhibition

Index of Delight

Opening Reception - Nov. 17, 5 - 8pm

The Macy Art Gallery at Teachers College Columbia University will present artist Soojin Kim's recent works as a part of Cross-Media Exhibition. Her representational images of imported sweets into Korea reflect both sadness of her loss of father and sweetness of memories of her father as a boy who experienced the Korean War and Western culture in the 1950s.

Public Hours

Opening Reception, Thursday, November 17, 5pm-8pm
Thursday, November 17, 10am-8pm 
Friday, November 18, 10am-8pm
Saturday, November 19, 10am-8pm
Sunday, November 20, 10am-5pm

230 The Fenway

Boston, MA 02115

작가 내면의 심상을 매개하듯 텅 비워진 전시장의 중앙홀을 중심으로 평면과 입체 작품이 조용히 조응하며 작가의 명상적인 호흡을 전하는 독특한 미술전시가 부평아트센터 갤러리 꽃누리에서 펼쳐지고 있습니다. 한국화의 정적인 여백의 미가 느껴지기도 하는 이번 전시는 멀리서 보면 고서화의 풍경을 재현하지만, 가까이 다가가면 어릴 때 즐겨 먹던 오레오 쿠키가 등장하며 동서양의 이질적인 문화적 시선을 흡수하고 있습니다.

[출처] 오레오 쿠키로 부르는 추억, 부평아트센터 부평영아티스트 1기 POP PRIZE: 김수진 작가|작성자 부평구문화재단

Sugar Time

부평영아티스트 1기 POP PRIZE_김수진

Sugar Time
부평아트센터 갤러리꽃누리

바람의 언덕

33Dabang in Daegu, South Korea


김수진 작가의 'The Recollection

미제 과자를 모티브로 만나고 싶어도 만날 수 없는 이승과 현실의 경계를 이야기하며 가볍고 유희적으로 보이나 자신의 슬픈 기억을 끌어내는 대중적인 기호로 삼고 있다...

2016 project space Wumin

at Wumin Art Center

Oreo Field

Art Busan Special Exhibition with Flower Social

남산 한옥마을 내 스트리트 뮤지엄 우물 미술관

Exposition Contre Courant à Honfleur : 10 000 visiteurs attendus cette semaine

...Selon elle, les objets ont le pouvoir de porter des mémoires à travers espaces, temps, cultures et générations. C’est d’ailleurs ce qu’elle cherche à exprimer dans son travail.Après une enfance en Corée du Sud, Soojin Kim part étudier les Beaux-Arts aux Etats-Unis. Son père meurt pendant cette même période...


Invited Artist Exhibition by Contre-Courant Association d'artistes de Honfleur


Greniers a Sel de Honfleur


JW marriott SEOUL Room Noumber: 2406

Reviewed in Busan Daily

갤러리 메르씨엘 비스에서 진행 중인 'of Nostalgia' 전은 세 작가가 작품으로 표현한 그리움에 관한 정서이다. 이화여대를 졸업하고 보스턴에서 전자공학 박사까지 받았던 김수진 작가. 공학도의 길을 버리고 다시 미술을 공부한 김 작가는 늘 자신을 묵묵히 지지하고 지원해 준 아버지에 대한 그리움을 떠올렸다...

Of Nostelgia

Opening & Artist Talk:  2.19.2016  6pm

The group exhibition of Soojin Kim, Jongsuk Yoon, and Sangsik Hong, of Nostalgia speaks of memories.


Art Stage Singapore, Southeast Asia’s flagship art fair, returned on 21 through 24 January 2016.

1st.IKON features Soojin Kim.

Yeong Cheon Artist Residency

Soojin Kim was selected to be one of seven Artists-In-Residence in Yeong Cheon Artist Residency.

Duration of Yeong Cheon Artist Residency is one year and she will have the exhibition at the end of the residency in December.


2016 the shift  Gallery Pakyoung's Newly Selected Artists' Exhibition
Opening Jan.13  4pm

BIG Family 100

BIG FAMILY 100: Fundraising Events for Homeless


Opening 12.5  4 pm at Gallery Pakyoung

2nd Bupyeong Auction White Sale

Bupyeong Art Center Gallery 꽃누리


Preview : Nov.13~24 


Medici Night—Tuesday, November 17, 2015 (6–9 pm)
Patron Night—Wednesday, November 18, 2015 (6–9 pm)
Public Days—Thursday, November 19, 2015 (10 am–8 pm)—opening celebration from 5–8 pm
  •  Friday, November 20, 2015 (10 am–8 pm)
  •  Saturday, November 21, 2015 (10 am–8 pm)

Tongyeong Art Fair 2015

통영시민문화회관 대전시실

Opening Reception: 11.03.2015  6 pm

Featured in '미술관 가는 남자'

부평구문화재단 부평영아티스트 전국 공모전에 입상한 신진작가들의 작품을 소개하는 <부평아트센터_부평영아티스트 선정작가전: Perennial inspiration>을 소개합니다. 국립현대미술관 올해의 작가상에서 해외파 작가들이 약진 했듯, 이번 부평영아티스트전에서도 해외파 작가들이 다수를 이루어 흥미로움을 주었는데요..

Bupyeong Young Artist  Perennial Competition Finalists